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What is the treatment for chronic renal failure?

Q: My father is 49 years old. He is in the fourth stage of chronic renal failure. In the beginning, his feet got swollen and we met an orthopaedic surgeon. The doctor gave a high dose medicine. After this he suffered a kidney failure. My father was advised kidney transplantation, but due to financial problem we were unable to get it done. My father has high BP, too. The doctor said that the kidney failed as my father was not taking his BP medicines properly. My father is undergoing dialysis for around two years now. He has a lost a lot of weight. Now, he is also getting a lot of cough. Please advise a line of treatment for my father's condition.

A:From the details that you have provided, it appears that your father is suffering from advanced stage of chronic renal failure. He has been on dialysis and now he needs a kidney transplant. In such a situation, it is not uncommon that patients develop water accumulation in the tummy and there is a state of fluid overload, which gives rise to breathing difficulty. The treatment for this is dialysis wherein the extra water in the body is removed. I think that you should remain in constant touch with your nephrologist who is the right person to guide your father's treatment.


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