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What is the treatment for benign prostate enlargement?

Q: I would like to know if an operation on a non cancerous grossly enlarged prostate is more difficult than that on a cancerous one and what is the recovery period from a TURP procedure? What precautions should be taken? Should there be any restriction on the diet?. The patient in question is 65 years old, has varicose veins but has no other medical problems like diabetes, hypertension etc and but for BPH is in a good physical condition.

A:Operation for the prostate in benign or malignant condition is different. They are not comparable in their difficulty. TURP is done for non-cancerous prostate and the patient is discharged on the evening of the 3rd day (including the day of operation).There is no dietary restriction and the only thing to avoid after operation is constipation. Your patient seems to be in good health and he will tolerate the operation well.


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