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What is the treatment for adenocarcinoma prostate?

Q: I am 81 years old. My PSA is 100. Biopsy report says adenocarcinoma prostate (Gleasons Grade 2). What should be my course of treatment? I am having my regular medicines for high BP like - Repace H; Ismo retard 40 mg; Korantil ; Dilzem SR; Storvaz EZ and Flavedon MR.

A:You should go for hormonal treatment. If you can afford the cost, one injection every 3 months is good. This costs about 8000-11000 depending on the company. Otherwise, operation for testes removal is cheap and permanent. You don't need any other treatment. Follow up PSA at 1 month, 3 months and then 6 monthly is good. If you have severe obstruction in urine, you may need operation for prostate (channel TURP). If obstruction is not there, then only hormonal treatment is enough.


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