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What is the treatment for a neurogenic bladder?

Q: I am suffering from urine retention (neurogenic bladder and bowel) since the last 5 years. There is heaviness around the buttock region. Passing of urine is through self-intermittent catheterisation (SIC). I have to take laxatives everyday to pass stool. Kindly advise if there is any remedy/treatment to get rid of the disease?

A:Treatment of a neurogenic bladder depends upon the cause, which usually is in the spinal cord. While some spinal causes are self-limiting, like inflammations, some are potentially curable e.g. tethered cord and compressions, if relieved timely. In some situations, like injuries, all you hope is recovery with time. Neuronal recovery is unlikely to occur after 1 year of damage. There is, unfortunately, no medication to cure damaged nerves. Once there is no hope for spinal nerves recovery, the treatment is directed at the affected organ, which is the bladder in your case. Bladder is investigated for alterations in its physiology, the pressure responses during the filling and voiding phases, and treated accordingly. Such investigations and appropriate bladder management, as with SIC, are necessary to save kidney from damage with pressure transmission from bladder.


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