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What is the solution for concha bullosa?

Q: I am 20 years old. Right from my childhood, I have a running nose and headaches. When I was 19 years old, I decided to consult a doctor who suggested an x-ray and later suggested that there seems to be an extra growth in the brain so he suggested for a CT-scan which concluded (Findings suggestive of Osteoma frontal sinus; mild maxillary and right anterior ethmoid sinusitis; deviation of nasal septum to the right side; and right concha bullosa) I had taken some medications from the doctor but it didn't do much good so after 3 months I had to go to another ENT specialist who gave some medicines which gave me relief for 6 months, but now at present, I have been having very bad cough I start to vomit whatever I eat after coughing. There seems to be running eyes, and embarrassment in front of colleagues is causing a lot of tension. The doctor had given set of medicines but the cough still seems to persist. What should I do? I feel as if I am choked and unable to breathe every time I cough.

A:A CT finding of concha bullosa and the deviated septum to the right could be one of the causes of severe or profound headaches. A simple surgery can correct it; you also seem to have an allergic focus which causes the bad cough, running eyes and the nasal problem and the mechanical defects in the nose causes stasis of the secretions in the sinuses and the problem. Do meet your ENT surgeon and if advised, go ahead with this small surgery.


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