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What is the significance of high FSH levels in males?

Q: Results for the tests of LH, FSH and Testosterone have come and they are: LH - 5.04 FSH - 23.91 (N: 1.7-12.0) Testosterone - 4.35 I am confused about the result of FSH, is this is the cause of azoospermia? Why is FSH done? What will it verify? Is this a serious problem? If so, what is its treatment? Does size of testis have something to do with it?

A:I am afraid, but I must tell you the real situation so that you should not spend money and time unnecessarily. If your FSH is high, that means your testes are at fault. It is either much smaller than normal or the sperm forming structures are not ready. This is generally proved by testicular biopsy, but if FSH is high, and testes are small, then it is usually unnecessary. You are not likely to have child with your own semen and it may be better to think in terms of adoption or artificial insemination with donor sperms from sperm bank. You must see a urologist who should examine you before you make any decision. FSH is a hormone which tells the testes to make sperms. High level indicate that testes is not listening to the demand put by FSH inspite of its being high.


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