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What is the significance of a grade 1 fatty liver?

Q: I have high SGOT/SGPT levels for one year. I have never taken alcohol. One year back I had vomiting, dysentery and digestion problem. After consulting the doctor, I was told that I have bacterial infection in the digestive system. I was given Bifilac, Domel, Norbid, Satrogyl, Ursocol medicine. I had SGOT/AST-99 U/L,SGPT/ALT-177 U/L GGT:54, Albumin-5.0, Globulin-2.0, Bilirubin(total)-1.0 Direct -0.4, Indirect-0.6mg/dl, AntiHCV- -Ve, HbSAg- -Ve, ANA, ASMA, AMA- -ve and LKM antibody negative. Last month my SGOT -66 & SGPT -92. Then I consulted another doctor and after getting an ultrasound done, following was the observation - Grade 1 Fatty Liver with right renal cyst. My triglyceride level is 154 and total cholesterol is 206. I am advised to take Silmarin 140 mg. Kindly advise me what is the significance of fatty liver? What should be my food habits?

A:Fatty liver is a commonly diagnosed liver disorder these days. It may be related to our modern day life-style which includes a more sedentary nature of work, increased consumption of junk and fatty foods, insulin resistance, obesity, etc. Also, with greater availability of ultrasound and greater awareness, more and more patients are being diagnosed with this condition. It is of utmost importance to exclude any other liver pathology before labelling the symptoms due to fatty liver alone. These liver conditions include viral hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, metabolic liver disorders, drug induced liver disorders, etc. Once fatty liver is diagnosed, the important things to do include weight control, control of diabetes if present and control of lipids. There is less data to suggest whether any particular drug is beneficial, however, many hepatoprotective drugs are often prescribed along with vitamin E and multivitamins. In a recent trial from North India, Pentoxifylline has been found to be of benefit. The Hepatologist looking after you is the best person to guide you regarding drugs, life style modifications and regular follow up. Some dietary advices for an SGOT patient are: • Avoid high sodium/salt • Say NO to alcohol • Eat more plant based and nutrient dense foods • Avoid high fat food


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