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What is the role of diet for constipation in children?

Q: My query is regarding my two and a half year old son. He has been suffering from constipation over the last three months. We have tried everything from changing the diet, giving laxatives/suppositories, dried figs, prune juice, etc. Nothing seems to work. The initial stool is always very large even by adult standards and hard. It is also blood stained. He strains very hard even while passing the rest of the stool which is softer.

A:Constipation of recent onset is unlikely to be because of any other cause but faulty diet and poor habits. The pain and bleeding is because of an anal fissure that has been caused by the hard stools. I would suggest you should continue with mild laxatives like Lactulose on a regular basis and appropriate doses. Also consolidate a good fibre rich diet. Encourage him to pass stools at regular timings, twice a day so that even the initial stool doesn't become hard. Make sure that he has a comfortable commode to sit on.


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