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What is the remedy for reflux disease?

Q: I got an endoscopy done as advised by an ENT doctor at Kolkata. The endoscopy report was as follows: 1. Oesophagus: Inflamed mucosa of lower 3rd. GE Jn is at 37 CMS; 2. Stomach: Fundus, body and antrum look normal; Duodenum: Normal upto 2nd part and the diagnosis: GERD with distal oesophagitis. Presently, I am taking Domstal (one tablet twice, before breakfast & before dinner), Zinetac (one tablet twice, after breakfast & before dinner), Trika 0.25 (half a tablet once after dinner) and Mucaine Gel (twice, after breakfast & dinner). Moreover, I have also been advised by my doctor not to take non-vegetarian like fish, chicken, mutton, egg, milk (I can take milk products), anything fried, any coloured foods like chocolates, cold drinks etc. I am following that in addition to what doctors have advised earlier. Still I feel the irritation in the throat. I would also like to add here that I feel uneasy in dusty and smoky environment. I also suffered from gas problem with high fever 2-3 times a few months back. Kindly help me out.

A:It appears you have reflux disease, which means that your stomach contents back up into your food pipe. I suggest the following steps: 1. Raise the head end of your bed by 4-6 inches with wooden blocks or bricks. 2. If you are overweight, you should try to lose weight. 3. Avoid big meals, instead take 3-4 small meals a day. 4. Do not go to bed for at least 2 hrs after meals 5. Stop smoking; upto 2 drinks a day 6. Eating non-vegetarian food is OK 7. Stop Zinetec and start Omeprazole 20 mg in the morning on empty stomach. Continue Domstal. 8. You can stop the other medications. Good luck and best wishes.


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