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What is the reason for white patches on the tonsils?

Q: I have developed pain in the right side of the throat from the past 7 days. There are white patches on the right tonsil and the doctor suggested it was streptococcal tonsillitis and prescribed Novaclox and did a throat swab. The throat culture came negative but he advised me to start a course of Phexin for 5 days. The white patches have reduced but the pain is not completely gone. What could be the reason? When the culture is negative, is it necessary to take a course of Phexin?

A:White patch on the tonsil and the sore throat, mean that you had a bacterial infection of the tonsils called follicular tonsillitis. Streptococcal or not, you will have to take an antibiotic for atleast 10 days. Do a lot of warm water gargles and consume lots of fluids and relax.


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