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What is the reason for weakness in the legs?

Q: I was working in humid conditions in Bangkok when I suddenly felt weak in my legs. I went to a neurologist who recommended physiotherapy and Mecbolamin as medicine. I am recovering at a slow pace now but I want to know what happens that actually weakens nerves and what precautions should I take in the future to avoid the same?

A:The normal temperature of the body in health is about 37 degrees Celcius. In humid atmosphere, the heat equilibrium of the body is disturbed and Enervation (low nerve energy) and retention of excretion (sweat) takes place causing toxic poisoning. Enervation means that the nerves distributed to the blood vessels fail to impart tonicity to their muscular and fibrous coats, stimulating normal contraction and causing the weakness in the nerves you have experienced. A humid atmosphere is enervating. You should wear proper clothing as per the climate, drink plenty of water, and do some breathing exercises and exercises for your back and legs and make it a habit to do some 15-20 minutes of brisk- walking.


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