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What is the reason for the child not gaining weight?

Q: My son is 1yr. and 4 mths. of age. For the last 5 months he has not put on any weight. It has been at 8 kg(birth wt-3kg)He has not had any major illness except for minor cold,cough, fever once or twice.We had seen a tiny threadworm in his stool once and have dewormed him for that. I still breastfeed him-about 3-4 times during the day and 2-3times at night.He has cowmilk about twice a day and solid food-rice, dal ,occasionally banana,some cooked vegetables-3-4times a day.He is very active ,playful.His milestones have been normal. Kindly advise regarding his inability to gain wt

A:If his overall oral intake is good (as it seems from your description) and he has no illness, he will eventually put on weight. Babies who are fairly active tend to gain weight more slowly, as they use up more calories. Try to give him more calories by adding oil or butter to his solid feeds. You could also change to amore calorie dense milk formula, such as PediaSure or Nutren. If he still does not gain weight, then ask you Paeditrician to check him for any infections such as a urinary infection or other sub-clinical infection.


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