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What is the reason for smelly feces?

Q: I have very smelly feces. This is noticed by other members of family as well. If I have to do it somewhere else I really stink up the place. This occurs everyday. What is the cause of this? What is the treatment? This is very embarrassing and I don't visit anyone anymore due to this. Please help me.

A:Fecal odour is universal. Why it is more smelly in some persons may be related to the type of foods consumed. But there is no clear verdict regarding the same, and I am not sure whether any specific dietary modification can be recommended. Try to drink lot of water, and take plenty of fibres in your diet. If you have noticed any relation of your smelly feces to any specific foods, then try to avoid it. I can not suggest you any drugs. If you remain constipated, then you can take some fibre supplements (such as Isabgol). I might add that smell is a perception and often subjective. What you consider as extremely smelly may be passed off without notice by someone else!


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