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What is the reason for recurrent urinary tract infection?

Q: My mother is 57 years old and has been suffering from recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI). She has also undergone a UTI surgery in the past. What could be the possible reasons? She has taken antibiotic courses thrice in the last year and a half. Lately, she has started to suffer from intense pain in the knee joints. I have been advised that the recurrent UTI infection may lead to arthritic problems, etc. Is this true?

A:Your mother being a female and particularly in her age group is prone to have urinary infection. It is important to know the current status of her urinary tract as well the nature and severity of infection. This is important in the context of her past surgery. Urinary tract infection at this age requires a long-term management including change in life style and can no more be taken as a one-time disease needing one time treatment. Perhaps you are aware that the recurrence of these infections is common and bothering. Hence, it would be appropriate for you to keep her under the care of a urologist who could periodically monitor her infection status and advice her accordingly. I am not able to establish any direct link between her kind of infection and the arthritis.


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