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What is the reason for recurrent bladder and kidney infection?

Q: I have been having recurrent bladder and kidney infections for a little over a year now. I have been to two doctors and still have no answers. My question is could these bladder infections be caused because I am not completely emptying my bladder? If so, how can this be fixed? I have been on antibiotics for 9 months and still getting infection.

A:You are partly true, probably incomplete evacuation of the bladder could also support recurrent urinary tract infection in females. I would very strongly recommend following general measures over and above appropriate treatment of urinary tract infection which will help you to root out the infection you have been suffering for a year. 1. Do not hold urine for long hours and pass every 2 hours even if you could hold it longer. 2. Take time and empty bladder completely in a relaxed mood. At times one is helped by going to pass urine again after 10 minutes. 3. Drink plenty of fluids to ensure urine output of 2 litres in 24 hrs. 4. Give extra attention to hygiene, wash your genitals with water after every act of voiding. 5. I assume you are married and sexually active. If it is true you should take one tablet of Septran 800 mg just before or just after intercourse.


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