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What is the reason for presence of protein in urine?

Q: I am undergoing treatment for allergy. I have to take cetrizine every day. If I forget to take the medicine then I develop swelling on my forehead or fingers or toes but there is no itching. As per my doctor, all reports are normal except for the presence of protein in my urine, which varies from 2mg/dl to 12mg/dl from time to time. I think I need further check up but I don't know which way to go - should I consult an allergy specialist or a nephrologist? Is there any allergy called nephro allergy?

A:There is a condition called allergic interstitial nephritis in which systemic manifestations of an allergic condition come to involve kidneys. It can manifest as body rashes, sometimes fever, white cells in urine and varying degree of proteins in urine and is usually a self-limiting condition which improves after treatment of the allergic condition and removal of the offending agent responsible for allergy. Such an allergic condition can result from medications, infections, herbal agents etc. However, protein in urine can result from a variety of conditions most common of which are diabetes, hypertension and some glomerulonephritis. Other causes of transient proteinuria include strenuous exercise, fever, prolonged standing etc. and are usually benign. Even some medications can infrequently result in proteinuria. It requires detailed history and physical exam by your physician and perhaps 24 hour urine collection to quantitate the proteinuria.


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