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What is the reason for pain while swallowing?

Q: I am suffering from pharyngitis. When the disease attacks, irritation in the throat is so intense that I cannot even swallow the saliva because of severe pain. I spit a lot of white discharge and there are several episodes of vomiting. I am unable to swallow any solid or liquid and have great difficulty in talking, and sometimes difficulty in breathing also. I have been admitted in hospitals several times for treatment. I have taken many antibiotics but the problem is still there. I don’t take cold drinks, cold water, ice creams etc. as advised by doctors. I don’t smoke either. Doctors diagnosed the problem as acute pharyngo-laryngitis and reflux oesophagopharyngitis. Kindly help me so that my mental, physical, social and professional life is not hampered further.

A:It is quite possible that the attack comes due to the reflux of your stomach acids into the throat. This irritates the throat, makes it swell and thus causes pain and lot of irritation. By the details it doesn't look like an infection but an inflammation caused by the allergy to the acidic secretions. You should continue with the latest medications that have been advised to you and also: 1. Dont panic because anxiety aggravates this disorder. 2. Keep a gap between taking a meal and sleeping of atleast 3 hours. 3. Avoid oily, greasy and spicy food at the time of dinner. 4. Dont drink lots of water with food, take water after the food is taken. 5. Go for morning walks and excercises.


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