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What is the reason for occasional chest pain?

Q: I am a 36 years old man. Occasionally I am having chest pain. Also, 2 times I had a suudden sweating for few seconds. After that I was all right. When I consulted the doctor, he checked my BP and he took ECG. Both are normal. He told me that the pain may be due to gas trouble and prescribed tablets for few days. I completed the course prescribed. Now again, I have chest pain. I feel palpitation. Also I feel a pain in my stomach, which looks as if it is originating from my heart. Kindly give your advice.

A:You have not given any information regarding your personal history like smoking, diabetes, hypertension or family history of heart disease. No chest pain should be ignored. I advice you to see a Cardiologist and get complete cardiology evaluation including Echo and Stress Test.


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