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What is the reason for lack of concentration in my child?

Q: My 6-year-old son is not able to concentrate on anything. While eating he just sits and keeps thinking something, he has to be reminded again and again to eat. The same thing happens while he is studying or changing his clothes. We have to be after him continuously to get things done. If I ask him what happened in the school after he returns, his standard reply is that 'I don't remember'. How cam I tackle these things? Is it a problem of lack of concentration? Please suggest some games or toys to enhance his concentration power.

A:You have not provided me enough information for me to give you specific suggestions. For instance, is your son attending school at his level? What do the teachers say about him? Is he interested in any toys, games or books? Does he have friends? Can he take care of his needs and be an active member of the family? One way of increasing anyones concentration is to see what they like to do and then building upon that. For instance, a 7 year old that I know was not too interested in the Maths in his class. But when he started watching cricket, he could add or subtract scores mentally and remember a dozen details about every innings. His class performance has gone up. Perhaps you as parents will have to make all his activities more interesting for him. As he eats, he could be told a story or you could plan something together, which he can enjoy after the meal. Songs and movements can be included. A moderate time (half an hour to an hour a day) in watching children's programmes on television could be a valuable addition to the stimulation. Any of the common children's games available in the large book shops can be used at the child's level. Even a pack of cards can become an educational tool, with the child learning to identify numbers and shapes. Talk to the child while you are doing things around the house and let him help you with small tasks that you assign. Actually there is no simple formula for anything. We have to go by the child's temperament and inherent interests and abilities. We need to spend time with the child with affection and enjoyment and provide optimal stimulation for his mind to grow. Make friends with your neighbours and let the child get involved in playing with other children, his age. Children learn a great deal from each other. Be available for him, when he needs support or has doubts about himself.


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