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What is the reason for frequent urination?

Q: I have noticed that since last one year the frequency of urine has increased. Whenever I drink water I feel like urinating within 20-30 minutes. So when I go out from home I avoid drinking water. Please suggest me what could be the reason as I don't have any pain while urinating but have noticed that while urinating I am not able to empty my bladder as the flow of urine is not as continuous as it should be. I am very worried about the situation?

A:Urinary frequency in a young person may result from excessive fluid intake, excessive urine output, a small capacity bladder, or a functional reduction in bladder capacity. The latter may happen due to incomplete emptying of the bladder. First step by the physician usually is to ask for a voiding diary over 24 hours. Voiding diary lists the amount of fluid taken, and the urine amount at each void. It makes it possible for your physician to narrow down the cause, and investigate accordingly. The poor flow may result not only from an obstructing pathology, but also from a weak bladder. One may not have a good stream if voided amount is small even in absence of obstruction. All above mentioned causes may have a multifactorial etiology, and would require further investigations.


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