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What is the reason for frequent passage of urine?

Q: Every half an hour I have to pass urine. Even while I am exercising like jumping, skipping, slight urine will come out. Also when I am having cold, cough or sneezing, urine comes out. In the gymnasium class I feel ashamed as I am the only one who uses toilet twice within one hour. Please advise what may be the problem or is this quite natural.

A:I assume that you are a lady. I need to know your age as well. This problem occurs in ladies after delivery or after losing weight to a significant extent. If it is due to weight loss, it will become all right by strengthening muscles. The final treatment is operation which is not a big one. Do you have difficulty in holding urine or any burning or pain while passing and how is the flow of urine? Get a urine routine test and ultrasound for KUB, residual urine, pelvis and adnexa.


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