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What is the reason for frequent and excessive urination?

Q: Sometimes when I feel cold, I pass urine very frequently and in large volumes. The urine becomes crystal clear. I can't hold the micturition for even less than an hour. I have to pass it every few minutes. When I go to the toilet, I keep on passing urine continuously for 30 minutes or more, with a gap of few seconds during which I don't come out of the toilet. Even after that I feel that I have passed half the urine. When I go to sleep, I have to put my penis in between my thighs to warm it and avoid it from cold, which gives me some respite. I occasionally need to pass urine in the night. This condition lasts for 1 or 2 days. Otherwise I pass yellowish urine. I have done all the relevant blood and urine tests, which are normal. The tests excluded diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus as well. Also, I don't get a full erection, I ejaculate within seconds even without an erection due to excessive masturbation. This has resulted in a bend in my penis. Where can I get it cured? Please tell me about penile implantation in detail? How does it help, where is it done in India and what is the estimated cost?

A:Cold weather can stimulate frequent voiding. Other factors may be anxiety for various reasons. You can make a chart for 24 hours calculating the amount liquids you consume and measure the quantity of urine passed during that 24 hours. Besides these, one needs to consult a urologist. You may be having what is called sensory urgency. You will require an ultrasound for residual urine, repeated urine routine tests at the time of symptoms. Regarding the sexual problems, masturbation is OK. You don't need penile implants till you get erection. Bending of penis needs to be seen at the time of erection. Bending of penis in flaccid state is not important. I would like to know whether you are married. if not, get married.


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