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What is the reason behind RBC in urine after hysterectomy?

Q: I am 31 years old female who underwent a total hysterectomy six months back due to ovarian tumor. I recently underwent a battery of tests and they came normal except I have 2+ occult blood (RBC 10-20/hpf) in the urine. I am asymptomatic. I had UTI after surgery and took Penicillin in January. No other medications after that. I had blood in the urine in January also. What is the reason behind RBC in urine?

A:Red Blood Cells (RBCs) in urine after a pelvic surgery like hysterectomy may result due to various reasons.

  • The patient after hysterectomy is kept on a draining catheter for couple of days. A foreign body like catheter may result in RBCs in urine for couple of weeks even in absence of infection
  • .
  • A urinary infection following colonization of catheter with bacteria may result in bleeding with urine
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  • Bladder has to be dissected away from uterus during its removal. Handling of bladder or minor injuries to bladder during dissection may result in presence of blood in urine
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  • Even after a complete recovery, a fresh urinary infection is not uncommon in females, with presence of bacteria and RBCs in urine
  • . Your treating doctor would be able to reach the right conclusion and guide you after proper examination and necessary investigations.


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