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What is the reason behind my daughter’s delayed speech?

Q: My daughter is 2.5 years old. She utters only limited words and doesn’t speak full sentences. She utters only limited words. She is also very aggressive and has a habit of snatching everything. I want to know whether this is normal behavior and if not, what should we do? We have also consulted a speech therapist. He advised us to wait, since everything is normal with her. Please advise something for my daughter.

A:It is not unusual for children to convey a message through what they do, especially when they do not have the words for it. You could consult a specialist (psychologist or counsellor) if you are concerned. From the very brief description you have given me, it does seem that she is slow to start speaking. Provide her with lots of physical activity, like running and be available to her when she needs you. Let her listen to music preferably music for children. If there are words to the songs, encourage her to sing along. She may pick up more words that way. Sometimes children realize that they get attention ONLY when they are naughty! Do give her attention at other times so that she is rewarded for being good.


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