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What is the permanent treatment for a recurrent urethral stricture?

Q: My father is 70 years old. He is suffering from recurrent urethral stricture for the past 5 years. He underwent several dilations and once cystoscopy was also done, followed by an open urethroplasty. But after six months he required dilation again. Few days after this dilation, his flow decreased to half. What is the permanent remedy to this problem? His kidney condition, including creatinine, is normal.

A:Usually stricture is a recurrent problem and urethroplasty is the only permanent cure. It can fail occasionally although. At his age, depending on the location of stricture, urethral stent can be put which should cure him permanently. Only problem is that it is costly, the stent itself is about 25000/-. He can also choose repeat urethroplasty. In my personal opinion, if he requires dilatations once in six months, it is the cheapest, quickest, and most convenient form of management.


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