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What is the normal diet for a two year old child?

Q: Would you please send me a nutrional (diet) chart for my two year old baby. Her diet at present is as follows: 1) morning-milk with cornflakes; 2 hrs later a little milk. 2) lunch: rice with vegetables & fish. 1 hr later musambi juice; 3) afternoon: milk with horlics (apprx. 400ml); 4) dinner: rice with dal & egg (country chicken). If the above is not sufficient, what should be added? She is a normal healthy baby. With warm regards, Bapi

A:A two year old baby can and should eat all foods like you do. Of course the quantity varies with age and health status. Your baby should eat three proper meals which should include chapati or rice, daal, vegetable and curds. You can also add non-vegetarian food in place of daal. In between meals you can give fruits, milk, milk shakes, and small snacks. Emphasise more on proteins, minerals and vitamins which are all very necessary for a growing child.


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