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What is the long term outcome of a kidney transplant?

Q: I had a kidney transplant last year. Will I get blockages later in life? If I marry and have a child later, will my child too have a kidney problem? I am a 30 year old male.

A:Though your query is not clear, I have assumed that you intend to enquire about the long-term post-kidney transplant outcome. The successful long term post kidney transplant course depends on many factors including the episodes of acute rejection of the transplanted kidney during the early period immediately after the transplant, age of the donor from whom the kidney was transplanted, whether it was a living or a Cadaveric donor, how well the donors tissue matched with that of the recipients, the recipients age and presence of other risk factors of kidney disease including hypertension in the recipient. Of the mentioned factors, the most important complication after transplantation happens to be the rejection of the transplanted kidney by the body’s immune system. Being compliant with the prescribed immunosuppressive medications under the care of ones nephrologist minimizes the chances of this. Often certain kidney diseases (one which originally caused the kidney failure in the recipient) are known to recur anytime in the transplanted kidney. It is highly unlikely for a recipient of a kidney transplant to have a child with a kidney disease unless the recipient’s original kidney disease prior to the transplant was known to run in her or his family (familial kidney diseases).


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