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What is the latest treatment for recurrent nasal polyps?

Q: I am suffering with chronic sinusitis and polyps. I am not able to breathe freely due to the polyps. The sinusitis causes the bacterial or fungal discharge. I got operated for polyp removal once but I was relieved from the blockage for only 2-3 months. I use Ortrivin (Xylometazoline) 0.1% daily 4-5 times, even then I face problem in breathing. I have lost my sense of smell. When the infection is high I resort to Itraconazole 100mg and Ciprofloxacin 500mg with Tenidazole 600mg along with Xylometazoline. I tried all other conventinal methods like ayurveda, homeopathy and others but none was able to relieved me. I even have slight DNS. What can be done to atleast breath uninterruptedly?

A:If you have recurrent polyps causing obstruction, you do need revision surgery. Nowadays one uses the Endoscope, and by Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, using a microdebrider (a shaving system), we can get rid of the polyps much better. However a 25% chance of them coming back in the future still remains. Please do not use oxy or xylo metazoling on a regular basis. Never for more than 8-10 days, as otherwise the nose will get habituated, and the lining will be damaged.


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