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What is the ideal age for crawling, standing, walking & talking?

Q: My son is 11 months old. He was a large baby and on the 95 percentile curve after birth. His weight was always within range. He turned at about 4 months and learned to sit at about 8 months. He did not crawl but walks with a walker as well as holding our hands. He has not learnt to come into sitting position from sleeping position and nor does he stand up with any other support other than our hands. Also, he does not speak any specific words. His best way to communicate is to cry and show us the way he wants to go with his hand if we are carrying him. He speaks only ‘mum mum’, which stands for me as well as food. As such he is a fast learner and his brain seems to work fine. He can adapt to new things in just a few tries. Are there any signs to be alarmed of? What is the ideal age for kids for walking, standing, crawling, sitting & talking?

A:Your son seems to be having normal development. I don't think you need to worry about this. Just spend quality time with him and don't stress too much on physical training. The normal ranges for different milestones for most children are: Sitting: 6 - 8 months, crawling: 8 10 months, standing with support: around 1 year, walking without support: 15 months and talking in sentences: by 27-30 months.


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