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What is the harm if one takes MSG in place of sugar in coffee?

Q: I am 52 years old and my husband is 53 years old. The other day he drank coffee early in the morning and my 22-year-old son drank milk with horlicks. But instead of sugar, I mixed ajinomoto(MSG) unknowingly. By mistake, my niece had mixed ajinomoto in the sugar container. I don't know how much quantity of MSG with sugar she mixed, but after mixing it in coffee, it tasted salty. We got a doubt while drinking, but we thought it might be due to excess coffee. Are there any side effects for taking MSG directly with coffee on an empty stomach?

A:Consuming foods containing MSG on a daily basis can cause high levels of free radicals and lipid peroxidation in numerous tissues. This, however, can develop due to repeated exposure over extended periods of time, not one time use. You need not worry, but please ensure the correct labelling of food in the home and keep such harmful things out of children’s reach.


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