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What is the electrical failure of the heart?

Q: Can there be heart failure or heart attack without any blockages? e.g. electric failure of heart. What are early symptons of electric failure of heart and how to prevent it?

A:Electrical failure of the heart is the incapacity of the electrical system in the heart resulting in slow heart beat which can sometimes lead to failure. It can occur with a variety of conditions like some inherited disease, aquired diseases and sometimes drugs like beta blockers. There is at present no known preventive measures to prevent electrical failure other than avoiding drugs that may precipitate it. But sometimes these drugs which include betablockers are life savers and are mandatory such as in patients with coronary artery disease. These conditions are treated with pacemakers which are of different types. They generate electrical impulses just like the normal pacemakers in the heart. Cardiologist trained in treating with pacemakers are called electrophysiologist and a consultation with them is essential to decide the best pacemaker depending on the disease.


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