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What is the difference between Ecosprin and Colsprin?

Q: One of my relatives is hypertensive, 33 years old, obese and on Losar-Beta (Atenolol 50+Losartan 50). He has high triglycerides with low HDL and the other parameters are normal. He also takes Lorilip (Atorvastatin 10 mg with Fenofibrate 200) once daily. He stays in a remote place and had come to my place. Recently, he consulted an internist who suggested Nebicard-H (Nebivolol 5 mg with HCTZ 12.5) and Telma-40 (Telmisartan 40 mg). According to him Nebicard H is better for a patient on statin. He also suggested to discontinue Lorilip and take only Stanlip since he has only high triglycerides and low HDL. He also suggested Closprin-100 mg. Is the changed drug necessary at all? What is the difference between Ecosprin and Colsprin?

A:There is no difference between Ecosprin and Colsprin as far as efficacy is concerned. Ecosprin is more slowly absorbed and does not produce gastric symptoms. You can stay on the new drug combination and see the effect. There is really not any much difference between the drug combinations.


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