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What is the diet to maintain a healthy liver?

Q: Please guide me on how to keep my liver healthy ? What food/nutrition can help to do so and what precautions must be taken to maintain a healthy liver, especially if the liver needs that attention/care?

A:Thank you for your interesting question. If, as specialist we know the answers to all such questions we could implement adequate measures and there will be no illness in the world! To maintain a healthy liver one needs to lead a healthy life as near as possible. The diet should be well balanced and fat intake should not be high. One should avoid being over weight. Alcohol in moderation is not harmful. To prevent hepatitis, I would also advise you to get immunised against Hepatitis A & B viruses with regular boosting doses as required. HIV is on the increase in India and I am sure you'll get adequate advice in India as how to avoid it! Good luck.


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