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What is the diet for a 2 year old child?

Q: My baby is just 2 years of age. He has often suffered from dysentery, indigestion and acidity problem. Now he seems to be alright after treatment. He is 11.5 kg. only. For the first 1-year, we gave him tinned milk (because of shortage of breast milk). But for the last 1 year he has not been taking any milk due to dysentery, though we have just started giving him tinned milk (Nestle Growing Up Milk) and Junior Horlicks once or twice a day plus fruit juice (alternate day). My question is - can we give him (1) Pedia Sure – advertised in TV for more growth, (2) Complan and (3) Bournvita with milk? If we can, how many times should we feed these drinks. Can you also suggest separate diet chart for babies of 2/3 years please?

A:You have not mentioned if you are giving semi-sold food to your child. Do not go by advertisements, any milk you use for family is good for your child, provided it is given hygienically, and I presume you are not using feeding bottle for milk - a source of infection. There is no harm if you use complan, horlicks or other products in milk, they need not be given more than once or twice a day. A two year child needs more than half of adult diet, you can divide the diet into smaller aliquots, feed milk 3-4 times and foods 3-4 times/day. The child can be given mashed diet if not already given - the family food is good enough, may make one special diet, as custard, rice, halwa, mashed fruits, etc. The weight of the child seems normal for age.


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