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What is the diagnosis and treatment for duodenitis?

Q: How long should one take medicine for duodenitis? I am on Pan-D for the past 3 months, but with no great relief. I have occasional pain on the left side of the chest (probably due to heavy gas). What is the best medicine for this? Umpteen visits to the doctors and medications have not helped.

A:Duodenitis is a diagnosis that is made after endoscopy. So I presume that you have had an endoscopy done already. Sometimes there can be a bacterial infection due to H. pylori, which can be diagnosed by endoscopy and biopsy. If it is present, then one needs to treat it with appropriate medications. In any case, one may need to take acid suppressants such as Pan-D for a prolonged period up to 6 months or more. It has no side effects of concern and can be safely taken.


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