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What is the cure for rashes and pain in my genitals?

Q: I am 33 years old. I have red rashes / sores on the skin of the penis as well as on the foreskin for last two years, which is visible when the skin is pushed back. There is redness, itching and burning in the area. The foreskin is slightly tight. I have been consulting a dermatologist for this who has prescribed antibiotics and various creams over the last two years (Allegra 180, Nadoxin cream, Fungotek cream, Betadine solution, normal saline water, Zocam, Roxid, Norflox, Zanocin and Neosporin H ointment). However, the rashes are still there. There is no discharge from the rashes. I have checked my blood and urine and reports are normal. I do not have any STD and also do not have any contacts. I have also undergone tests for herpes and the tests were negative. I maintain good hygiene and wash every day with plain water. Due to redness, inflammation and pain, my everyday work is getting affected. What is wrong with me? Please suggest a line of treatment.

A:It seems that your tight foreskin may be resulting in continuing trauma and infection in the affected area for last two years. Any acute infection would not last that long, and would have responded to the given treatment. This condition is called phimosis. Treatment is surgical wherein the tight foreskin is removed; this method is called circumcision. You must see a Urologist who would be able to examine you and confirm the finding and the treatment.


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