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What is the cure for muscle spasms after neck surgeries?

Q: I have had two neck surgeries ACDF 6-7 5-6 and now I am having muscle spasms. The doctor has tried many different muscle relaxants like flexeril, zanaflex, skelaxin and others without help. Can you please tell me of some others that have worked for people with this problem?

A:Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) is a procedure used to treat neck problems such as cervical radiculopathy, disc herniations, fractures, and spinal instability. Following surgery, a rehabilitation program must be initiated. The goals of rehabilitation are to eliminate pain, normalize spinal mechanics, and improve neuromuscular control of the injured cervical spine. Restoration of the resting muscle length and full, pain-free, cervical range of motion are necessary. Strengthening exercises start in simple planes and progress to complex muscle patterns. Exercises for flexibility (help to reduce pain and make it easier to keep your neck in a healthy position), strength (strengthen the muscles that support the neck by stabilization training, a way to get better balance in the muscles around your neck, chest, and upper back), coordination (exercises to help train your neck, chest, and upper back muscles to work together) & aerobic conditioning (overall fitness) must be done along with the medication. Some other muscle relaxants include Carisoprodol & Methocarbamol.


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