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What is the cure for hearing loss due to otosclerosis?

Q: I have been diagnosed with otosclerosis in both ears. I also experience tinnitus all the time when I am awake. I am not able to hear the low frequency (bass) sounds, particularly when people speak softly. The conclusion of otosclerosis was arrived at by the ENT doctor only after seeing my audiometry result. Is there any other test which can confirm this diagnosis? Are hearing loss and the tinnitus because of the same reason or they are independent? What precautions should I take? My job requires me to attend calls on a daily basis. After one hour of calling, my hearing worsens. Is this just an illusion? I was an avid music listener earlier which I have stopped completely. I am also an epileptic and I am on carbamazepine for the last 15+ years. Is there a relation with this? I gather from the web that self-hypnosis offers a way of relaxing and reducing the tinnitus volume. Can it also help the hearing loss? I also gather that self hypnosis is not safe for epileptics. This prevents me from trying it out with full energy.

A:Patients having bilateral conductive or mixed hearing loss with normal appearance of the drum are presumed to have otosclerosis. Audiometry shows the type and extent of hearing loss and impedance test tells us the compliance which is low in these patients. On opening the middle ear confirmation of the diagnosis is made by seeing the fixity of the stapes foot plate. After surgery there is a good chance of hearing better. 4-5% patients may not have any hearing improvement after surgery and similar % may have decreased hearing of which 2-3% may be total. Inititially surgery is done only in worst hearing ear. Both tinnitus and hearing loss are seen in otosclerosis. Tinnitus can be helped by self hypnosis but not hearing. It is unlikely to have worsening of hearing after one hour of listening. Treatment is surgery. Hearing aid can be used if there is any contraindication for surgery.


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