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What is the correct interval between vaccinations for newborns?

Q: I have a question regarding injections given to new born babies. On the 4th day after my son's birth, the doctor had given him BCG. Then after 45 days, he was given polio drops/ DPT/ HIB vaccination. They gave a new medicine called Tritranrix and Hiberix. The date given for the next vaccination was 45 days after this. We then shifted to another city. When we went for the vaccination there, the doctor scolded us because we were late by 15 days. Seems these injections had to be given at a gap of one month. But as we were told to come after 45 days by the other doctor, we followed his advice. What I want to know is will this delay cause any problems to the baby? Also, the injections Tritranrix and Hiberix are given together. Was it because of this that the next date was given after 45 days? Both my wife and I are very anxious and want to know what should be done now?

A:You have been put through an unnecessary stress due to the ignorance of the doctor in Banglore. It is perfectly all right to use a 45 day interval between the first injection of DPT/HIB and the 2nd one of Tritanrix and Hiberix. Due to the large number of injection pokes the modern day newborn is subjected to, vaccine manufacturers have come up with combination vaccines combining more than one antigen and these are equally safe and effective. In any case DPT and HIB vaccine should not be administered before 45 days of age, since otherwise it is not effective. Also a 45 day gap is better for babys protection than a 30 day gap. I hope this advice makes you feel better, that you have done no wrong for your child.


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