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What is the cause of swelling and visible red veins on the thighs?

Q: My wife is 33 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 68 kg. From the past 10 days she has swelling in her left thigh along with 2-3 red lines and small veins can be seen. We consulted a nearby doctor and he found that the swelling was also there in the right thigh with visible red veins. The swelling is hard. She has no pain but has muscular tension. Doctors say that it is very unusual and this happens to sports persons. He also gave some pain killers. We used to apply some ointments and hot water bag. But the swelling and red lines are not disappearing. Now she feels pain below the left knee while walking. She used go for a 2-3 km walk everyday. Now she has stopped that too. A year back she had a minor surgery for infection in her left armpit. But the infection recurred after surgery. My mother is not diabetic. Is there any relationship between these two diseases?

A:The query below very much appears like a case of lymphangitis. I suggest the patient should go through the following investigations - 1. Venous Doppler to exclude the possibility of Venous Thrombosis. 2. The patient also needs to have a lymphangiogram. By preference this should be done by using a radio-isotope, I hope patient has access to these investigations. During the acute stage she will also have to be treated keeping in mind the possibility of Filariasis. It is also possible she may need long term or long acting antibiotics. Once the acute stage has settled then the residual swelling can be treated.


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