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What is the cause of so much heat and dryness during sex?

Q: My wife & me are enjoying good sex for the past 13 years. She is a diabetic and off late, she becomes very hot during the intercourse. My penis melts in the heat inside her vagina, half the way. She has a dry vagina & we use coconut oil for lubrication. After love-making, my foreskin has several cuts & it takes 1 week for them to heal. I use Valbet ointment for the same. What could be the reason for this? Please suggest a remedy. Due to the cuts, my foreskin is not able to fold and gives me a lot of pain. I cannot bring it down, as it is very tight. Please advise.

A:You seem to be suffering from balanitis (inflammatory condition of the foreskin) with short front opening of the foreskin sac (phimosis). You may be feeling the heat and dryness during intercourse due to inflamed skin with cracks as you described. You need to have your blood sugars including glucose tolerance test to exclude any diabetic tendency. You need to be treated with antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs for some days. Treatment of cracked skin with phimosis is usually surgical in form of circumcision.


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