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What is the cause of runny nose and cough in a young child?

Q: My sisters daughter is 2 years and 4 months old; after giving her bath she feels very uncomfortable. Early morning when she wakes up she does the same thing. Every month she falls sick like cough and running nose doctor has prescribed Benylin 5 ml & Septilin 5 ml (anti-infective therapy) every time he prescribes the same medicine. Is it ok? and he says to apply Vicks vaporub to her chest & neck - is it ok? After having the ice cream the very next day she suffers from the same problem.

A:It seems your child has allergic rhinitis. Many a times this runs in family. You take her to an ENT specialist who will check if she also has sinusitis. Septilin is an ayurvedic drug and has to be given continuously for few months to be effective. If the child gets high fever every time a course of antibiotics may be given, repeatedly antibiotics may be changed. Benylin and vicks are ok, do not cause any harm. Avoid cold things, sudden change of room environmental temperature, and if you smoke - change your habit and stop it as it may cause respiratory problem in kids.


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