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What is the cause of recurrent fever, cold and cough in my child?

Q: My 10 months old son got fever, cold and cough a month back. He was given injection expectrant for two days and the fever and cough was reduced. But his symptoms have come back and the above process is being repeated again. Kindly suggest the cause and the cure.

A:Fever, cough and colds generally indicate an upper respiratory tract infection and rarely due to infection in the lungs (lower respiratory tract). In most situations it is due to viral infections, rarely bacteria and often not due to the same organism. Treatment will depend upon the findings in the throat and chest. There is no need to give an injection (most commonly an antibiotic) in these cases. Recurrent attacks suggest the possibility of an underlying disorder like low immunity, malnutrition, damp or polluted environment and the development of asthma. It is also important to rule out the beginning of a tuberculous infection (primary complex). Please consult a good pediatrician nearby.


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