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What is the cause of itchy rashes on the body?

Q: I am a 22 years old girl. For the past few weeks, I have realized that I get some mosquito or insect bites on my legs, hands, under arms, thighs etc. except my face. Initially I get itching and when I scratch, after one or two days a shell (dead skin) comes over it which is like a wound. It irritates for a day or two and then disappears leaving a very light mark on the skin. This has happened at many places on my body. Is it a skin problem or due to insect bite? I bathe using dettol in water and always use a spray in my room. Please advise.

A:The fact that you are developing itchy rash in areas which remain covered by clothes, it is unlikely to be due to insect bites. Probably you have urticaria which can be very itchy. However there is no scab formation unless you excoriate each one of them. You should consult your doctor and determine the diagnosis. Only then a proper management strategy will follow.


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