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What is the cause of deafness in both my children?

Q: I have two children, my daughter is 3 years old and my son is 8 months old. My daughter had profound deafness. After an MRI it was found that she had sensorineural hearing loss and so we had to get her a cochlear implant. Now, my son is also having the same problem and I am going to get him a cochlear implant as well. It is not hereditary and no one from our family has ever had this problem. What can be the reason for this? What are the tests required to get the concrete outcome before we go for the implant for my son.

A:Congenital hearing loss may be hereditary, or not. Or there may be common prenatal/ antenatal/postnatal conditions, which have been common to both siblings. This needs a lot more thought and research, including queries to geneticists, whether it is skipping generations, or there has been a mutation in one of the genes of either parent. But to think of the future, get the implant done on the siblings, I hope the first one is doing well, and so should the second. But it may be advisable to not have any more children, unless a geneticist can give you more concrete answers, or tests to carry out.


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