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What is the cause of bad smell after passing urine?

Q: After passing urine, I get a very bad smell from the penis area. It is always surrounding me at the penis area over the pants and trousers. Sometimes I masturbate at night and in the morning after passing urine. But the smell remains for the rest of the day. I controlled masturbation also, but the smell is continuing. Nowadays the smell comes every time after I pass urine. Is this due to masturbation?

A:Bad smell in urine could be due to urine infection and may be tested with urine routine examination and culture and sensitivity. Appropriate action, then, needs to be taken. Bad smell and discharge in underclothes, though, could be due to foreskin inflammation, called balanitis or posthitis, as well as urethritis and bad hygiene. You should see a physician urologist for your problem rather than blaming it on masturbation.


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