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What is the cause for testicular swelling?

Q: Out of two testicles one is double the size of the other. I don't experience any discomfort except for its size. Also, my belly-button is swollen and is the size of a marble. But I don't experience any pain. Does it require treatment? Kindly indicate treatment and care for these two conditions. Do these two conditions need attention? If so, what should I do?

A:You seems to have: 1. Mild testicular swelling which could be chronic inflammation or some fluid collection (hydrocoele). If you feel any discomfort or enlargement, an ultrasound of scrotum should be done to distinguish between the solid and cystic enlargement apart from physical examination by a urologist. 2. It looks like you have an umbilical hernia. After confirming at examination it needs to be sorted out to prevent serious potential complications. Only treatment for the condition is surgery.


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