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What is the cause for recurrent stomachaches and loose motions?

Q: When I was 21 years old I had suffered from severe loose motions and vomiting for a period of 15 days. I consulted a gastroenterologist and he did an endoscopy but found no ulcers in the stomach. He gave me medicines Aristozyme (tonic), Folic Acid, Zinetac, Practin (tonic) and by its usage everything was alright. After that my health was never normal and I frequently suffer from stomach aches and loose motions. Now I am 26 years old. Though I don't have vomiting any more, I suffer from sudden stomach aches and loose motions which ocuur 2 to 3 times a week. Please advise me regarding the diet to be followed and if the problem is of a serious nature. Does this stomach problem leads to urinary problems or other problems. If so, please let me know and the precautions to be taken. I am unmarried and will this have an impact on my married life. I am a non-alcoholic and non-smoker.

A:Whatever the problem is, it will not have an impact on your urinary system or have any effect on your future married life. If it has been present for so long (5 years+) - then it probably is not too serious. It appears that you get stomach pains and loose motions every 3-4 days and in the remaining 3 days you are well. The diagnosis is most probably an irritable bowel. However it would be advisable to get some blood tests and stool cultures - to make sure that this is not a long term problem that is continuing. In the Irritable Bowel Syndrome you can get intermittent pains and diarrhoea which then settle by themselves. It is often made worse with anxiety and rushing around. It is suggested that you take a diet with a lot of fibre - but this may make you pass a lot of wind. There are some tablets that can also help but you should consult a doctor to confirm the diagnosis.


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