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What is the cause for persistent cough?

Q: I am 25 years old. I have an irritating cough for about 10 years. I cough lightly which leads to heavy cough which then becomes uncontrollable and sometime leads to vomiting. I cannot stop this coughing. When I cough it is like I am choking which sometimes is a scary feeling. It mainly happens when I am in a mixture of hot and cold environment and happens both during the night and day time. I drink water to cool myself but sometimes this does not help. What can this be? I have had X-rays, visited hospitals etc. but no one can tell me what it is? How do I stop this?

A:Your cough may be allergic in nature, or due to sinusitis with post nasal drip, or due to acid reflux. A full picture can only be seen after having a look at the throat and nose, but treatment geared to these three causes should take care of your cough.


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