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What is the cause for palpitations?

Q: Sometimes my palpitations are abnormal. It may last for a few minutes or for 4-5 hours or more. This kind of irregularity may occur spontaneously either in a week or at any time. There is no sweating at the time of palpitation. I consulted a doctor who prescribed Atenolol, Loprine, Trika, Lycored and Zantac. On taking these medicines for the last two months, palpitations still persist. I have not been done any test so far except an ECG. What is the reason for the palpitations? Is it a foresign of heart attack? Which test should be done for detecting the reason? Please advise me a hospital or a cardiologist in Delhi for the treatment. My blood pressure is 110/70. My blood sugar is slightly high but within the range. I have this problem for more than two year but now its intensity is severe. What precaution should be taken? Please advise.

A:You need a proper evaluation. The tests required may be a 24 hours Holter monitoring, an echocardiogram and a TMT. You can consult any cardiologist in your city. Palpitation is a common symptom and is usually not a symptom of impending heart attack. The treatment is possible only after evaluating the nature and cause.


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